Team Champion has been awarding the Champion Cup since 2009.  Each year the Top 10 teams at each level, as well as school and recreation are recognized for their excellence on the competition floor.

All teams that compete with Team Champion qualify and are automatically enrolled in the Champion Cup race.  Champion Cup standings are based on the average of the three highest scores by a team throughout the season, so the more times you compete, the better chance you have to win.  Keep in mind that if you attend a two-day event, you will receive two scores toward the Champion Cup race…a Saturday Score & a Sunday Score.

CSG will recognize Top 10 teams in the following categories:

  • All Star Cheer Level 1
  • All Star Cheer Level 2
  • All Star Cheer Level 3
  • All Star Cheer Level 4
  • All Star Cheer Level 5/6
  • All Star Prep, School & Recreation Cheer
  • Dance

*Scores will only be determined by level/style, so 3 performances must happen in a single level/style in order to qualify.  A team can rank in the Top 10 for multiple levels/styles, but cannot win the Champion Cup in more than one.  If this were to happen, they would be crowned the Champion Cup winner for the highest score,  and the Champion Cup would go to the runner up in the other division.

Click here to view the final rankings for the 17-18 season.

Champion Cup Hall of Champions
(established 2009)


Battle of Champions suspended for the 17-18 season