The One Finals

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The Reward for Determination, Teamwork and Victory!

THE ONE Cheer & Dance Finals is most unique, end-of-season event available to All Star Cheer and Dance Teams.  Participating event producers will award FIRST PLACE TEAMS ONLY with exclusive Bids to THE ONE.  Those teams will move on to compete at either the North or South Finals against the best teams in the country.  Winning teams from each divisions will move onto our Virtual Finals where a panel of industry judging professionals will crown…THE ONE!  Unlike other end-of-season events, Bids to THE ONE will not be handed out to thousands and thousands of teams.  You have to be the best in your division to qualify for this event.  This exclusivity makes being crowned THE ONE a true reward and honor!

Event DateEvent NameBrandLocationStateBids
11/5/2017The RevealCSGArlington HeightsILPAID, PP & AL
11/5/2017DanceFest - ChicagoDFArlington HeightsILPP & AL
11/5/2017AC - MadisonACMadisonILPP & AL
11/5/2017Dress RehearsalCSGSpringfieldILPP & AL
11/18/2017Holiday Classic - DanceNCTinley ParkILPAID, PP & AL
11/19/2017Iowa ShowdownCSGDes MoinesIAPAID, PP & AL
12/2-3/2017Holiday Classic - CheerNCDekalbILPAID, PP & AL
1/13/2018Twin Cities ChallengeCSGMinneapolisMNPAID, PP & AL
1/14/2018Madtown ChallengeCSGMadisonWIPP & AL
1/20/2018Midwest NationalsNCArlington HeightsILPAID, PP & AL
1/20/2018Iowa State ChampionshipNCDes MoinesIAPAID, PP & AL
2/4/2018Badger ChampionshipCSGMilwaukeeWIPAID, PP & AL
2/10/2018Motor City ChallengeCSGWarrenMIPP & AL
2/11/2018Indy ChampionshipNCIndianapolisINPAID, PP & AL
2/17/2018 - 2/18/2018Duel in the Dells NationalsCSGWisconsin DellsWIPAID, PP & AL
2/18/2018DanceFest - MilwaukeeDFMilwaukeeWIPP & AL
2/24/2018Chitown City ChampionshipNCDekalbILPAID, PP & AL
2/25/2018Border BattleCSGCouncil BLuffsIAPP & AL
2/25/2018Bama ChallengeCSGBirminghamALPP & AL
3/10/2018Cheer For The CureCSGBloomingtonILPAID, PP & AL
3/16/2018 - 3/18/2018CSG Dance NationalsCSGRosemontILPAID, PP & AL
3/17/2018 - 3/18/2018CSG Super NationalsCSGRosemontILPAID, PP & AL
3/24/2018Gulf Coast ChallengeCSGBiloxiMSPP & AL
3/25/2018Circle City ChampionshipACIndianapolisINPP & AL
3/25/2018Gateway ChampionshipNCSt. LouisMOPP & AL
3/25/2018Spring FlingNCCantonOHPP & AL
4/14/2017Allstar Prep NationalsCSGDekalbILPP & AL

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